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Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

Fancy undertaking a short, flexible placement with a local organisation?

  • We provide business support in acquisition of R&D funding from European (Horizon 2020) and National (Innovate UK) programmes. Led by an ex-academic Physicist we are experienced in instrumentation development, experimental science and computation, and numerical simulation.
    After a decade of observation of puzzling sector claims and advertising around green manufacturing, we are now developing an ERP system to analyse, record and distribute the whole life-cycle Carbon Footprints of components and processes throughout entire manufacturing supply chains. This will...
    Closing Date: 28/02/2018
  • Our consultancy company traditionally focus' on the implementation of new IT systems, typically with large clients in the retail and biochemical industries. We are now looking to expand our services with providing Business English tutorials to individual clients through platforms as well as business clients.

    Business English teaching focuses on the development of English language skills and vocabulary specific to business settings such as negotiations, business meetings, and project management. We want to develop our presence in the language teaching sector with Business English products/services.
    Closing Date: 28/02/2018
  • Volute is a website and digital media agency working in the fields of Healthcare, Construction and Higher Education.

    We have developed a sophisticated social media platform which we think might have traction in the healthcare market to improve grass-roots driven ideas and linking these in with organisations' corporate goals.

    We are looking for a motivated person to identify the size of any potential mar...
    Closing Date: 28/02/2018
  • We pride ourselves in offering the very best solutions to help organisations work more effectively. We build custom softwares tailored around your specific business needs. Everything is made to measure.

    We are seeking a Marketing Strategist to devise a strategy to promote a new platform to SMEs with the intention to gain several users within the next year.

    E-commerce has taken over a bigger part of business sales, an average customer now spends more time shopping online. With thi...
    Closing Date: 06/03/2018
  • We are the leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines. The companys laboratory products are used by students and educators across the world, in over 1500 establishments in more than 100 countries.
    We are a rapidly growing company, and the role of marketing is expanding at a greater rate. This project involves running social media campaigns and liaising with colleges and universities across the UK to update the company contact database.

    Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Place...
    Closing Date: 11/03/2018
  • We are one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK. The project will be based at our Worksop factory, the largest site in the group, with 500 employees. There are 4 manufacturing centres at Worksop producing many leading brands which the project will be based around.
    We are one of the UKs largest food manufactures, which produces many leading brands. There are 4 manufacturing centres at Worksop. This project will be focusing on the manufacturing process of branded stock and gravy granule cubes.

    Currently the product is produced using a fluid bed ag...
    Closing Date: 18/03/2018