Placement Title Company Business Location
Photography Exhibition Operations & Research for a not-for-profit We're looking for an individual passionate about how art can create social change. People of the Streets will be opening its inaugural Stories of the Streets (SOTS) photography exhibition in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham City Centre during November and December. This placement will suit those who are looking for a more full-time opportunity, ideally those who have completed their masters and are available for 25-30 hours work per week (including weekends) due to the day-to-day nature of the activities.

People of the Streets is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by a few students in Nottingham in order to change perceptions of homelessness and offer a tangible alternative to street donations. Stories of the Streets (SOTS) is an exhibition, primarily photographic, that will run for five weeks in Nottingham city centre. SOTS will convey images of homelessness from the perspective of those experiencing it first-hand (many of the images will be taken by those who have a lived experience). The photographs tell the stories behind the photographer and the art created will be also be available for visitors to the exhibition to purchase. There will also be an online store. The proceeds from purchases will be divided between People of the Streets and the individuals through a pay-it-forward scheme.

We're looking for someone to run the exhibition on a day-to-day basis and importantly capture the impact such as gathering feedback of the exhibition from members of the public. As this is our first exhibition then it's important to evaluate what has worked and what hasn't so we learn the key lessons. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating this evaluation and producing a report at the end of the placement. This will really help us when developing the photography exhibition in other partner cities such as Brighton.

During this placement, you will have a number of responsibilities including:
  • Talking to members of the public about the exhibition and what it's about
  • Capturing insight from people about the exhibition in order to develop key learning outcomes for us
  • Taking payments for our essential packs of items, the framed pictures or any form of donations we receive in the exhibition
  • Developing event ideas for the exhibition during its 5-week period, in order to generate heightened interest. Such as speakers from key people with experiences of homelessness, networking events etc

  • Essential Skills for applicants to demonstrate:
    - Ability to work independently
    - Ability to talk to anyone!
    - Good writing and analytical skills
    - Strong spoken English abilities
    - Ability to work weekends as well as weekdays.
    - Experience of conducting evaluations / primary research
    - An interest in the Arts sector

    Desirable skills:
    - Prior retail experience
    - Any experience in working in an Art gallery/ exhibition
    - An interest in social enterprise/ homelessness as an issue
    - An interest in event management
    - Experience increasing community engagement

    Additional information about this placement:
    The successful candidate must be available during 17th November- 24th December 2017 (Exhibition dates)
    Marketing Advisor This postgraduate placement will research, coordinate and execute the company's social media and marketing strategy, working across key social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This role will be instrumental in increasing our social media presence and gaining visibility for our brand among existing and potential new clients.

    With support from the management team, the successful candidate will produce/develop a social media & marketing plan/strategy including:
  • Complete a SWOT analysis
  • Research, identify and analyse current market influences & competitors
  • Develop a new social media campaigns from scratch, considering our clients' needs and industry trends
  • Modernise the company social media accounts, ensuring uniform content, graphics and other elements
  • Monitor social channels for trending news and ideas, making sure our accounts are showing the latest information and kept up to date
  • Growth in our social media footprint
  • Identify new social media platforms (like YouTube/Flickr etc) that could be used
  • Recommendations on building marketing activity into existing roles
  • Identify risks, problems and success factors

  • Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
    - Social Media & Marketing
    - Report writing and the ability to synthesis information effectively
    - Presenting key findings to managers and directors
    - Working as part of a busy, tight-knit team
    - Communicating with all employees in the business

    The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate:
  • Strong IT skills
  • Strong knowledge of social media accounts, tools and platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn)
  • Strong analytical & research skills
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Strong communicator at all levels
  • Can be assertive, when appropriate
  • A team player
  • Creative in generating new ideas
  • Able to use own initiative

  • More information about the business:
    The business looks at the bigger picture, not just about providing a desk and a chair but the whole environment. Over the last 20 years we have established a reputation for delivering a 'turnkey package'.

    Whether you want an innovative design for an area of your building, need to create extra working space or require a complete building refurbishment, we work in partnership with our customers to create a state-of-the-art workspace solution.

    We establish close links with our customers and partners within the industry so the majority of our work comes from repeat business and recommendation.

    We pride ourselves on being a dedicated interiors business sourcing largely British Manufactured products complying with global furniture manufacturing standards of BIFMA ISO 14001 & 9001. We are committed to innovation, quality and service of the highest level.

    Additional information about this placement:
    - The interview date is set for w/c 27 November at the company in Chilwell
    - Placements are flexible and the project hours can be worked to fit around your studies over the course of the placement period.
    Process Automation We want to look at ways we can remove manual low skilled labour from two particular processes and replace with machinery/technology to improve quality, capacity and ultimately reduce the labour cost.

    The two key areas have been identified are:

    a/ Collation and Orientation
    Multiple layers of bulk fabric are cut on manually fed machines to near size rectangles, however these pieces have to be manually collated by picking off a conveyor and orientated into the block which will become the pattern book. It has probably never been automated as each fabric has different material properties, weight, weave (nap), thickness, rigidity etc so handling is different with each piece.

    b/ Application of backing (Frames)
    An adhesive picture frame is laid on to each 'page' and the two are put in a heat press to activate the glue bond between the fabric and the picture frame. This process is variable as it is laid on by eye and requires significant labour resource to complete the process.

    The placement will be working directly with and supported by the Operations Director, Studio/Design Manager and Production Managers.

    The key placement outcome will be to identify feasible solutions and research potential machinery to enable greater automation of our key processes.

    The successful candidate will have:
    • Relevant design or engineering qualification
    • Understanding of manufacturing processes
    • Creative thinking
    • Problem solving

    The placement will offer opportunities to gain experience in:
    • Feasibility study
    • Manufacturing understanding
    • Product flow
    • Process improvement
    • Project costing/justification
    • Project Management
    • Sourcing
    • Process Design and review
    Placements are flexible and usually consist of a 200 hour project worked to fit around your studies over the course of several months.
    Design and Manufacturing Project We produce bespoke forklift truck battery changing units to suit customer requirements, in partnership with Hoppecke Batterien (Germany) the world leading manufacturer of fork-truck. This longstanding partnership for over 14 years has been successful but now is the right time to further develop our products.

    This design project will contribute to the redesigning of an existing product used in industry for handling fork-truck batteries (up to 2000kg in weight). In the new design iteration, we want to bring innovation to the product by incorporating elements such as a touch screen, additional sensors and monitoring to operate our vehicles. Working in 24/7 environments (warehouses etc) we know how critical improving this product will be to our customers.

    The successful candidate will gain a hands on experience in the design and manufacture of the new generation of our fork-truck battery changing units. You will work alongside our design and manufacturing engineers but will get the opportunity to lead this exciting project where your design input will be the key contributions towards optimisation, standardisation, design for manufacture & assembly (DFMA). We have already completed some competitor analysis for this project to take advantage of.

    The main aim is to meet the cost model, flexibility, robustness and features whilst making improvement to the overall design and manufacturing constraints.

    Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

    A solution that meets the project specification and delivers the required features and quality at a commercially viable cost.

    Key relationships:

    You will work alongside another Design Engineer who will be able to offer support along the way, but you will get the opportunity to lead this exciting project.

    This project will allow the successful candidate to oversee the overall rewarding process from designing through to manufacturing.

    Skills required:
    • Strong knowledge of fabrication (box section, sheet metal, welding, forming), and general engineering
    • Knowledge of hydraulics is required (24v power pack, cylinders, solenoid valves etc)
    • Knowledge of electronics is preferred (understanding of logic, raspberry pi kit etc)
    • The software used will be Solid works (sheet metal, weldments) and Microsoft Word

    Our product is being designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Derby and exported globally included large industrial users in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Abu Dhabi and China.

    Other important information about this placement:
    - Placements are flexible and usually consist of a 200 hour project worked to fit around your studies over the course of several months.
    - The placement will require travel to Melbourne in Derbyshire. Access to a car would be ideal but public transport is possible using the SkyLink route (Nottingham to Loughborough) and getting off at Donnington Park.
    - Some of the placement work can be completely remotely, at your desk, by negotiation.
    - Interviews will take place w/c 4th December.