Placement Title Company Business Location
IOT Software Development We are currently working on and developing industrial applications for a number of b>Industrial IoT (Internet of things) solutions with key customers in sectors such as manufacturing, utilities and healthcare. We are currently working on a Lone Worker application for one of our large manufacturing clients in tandem with a partner who is providing an AEP (Application Enablement Platform).

We are looking for someone who can help us build some of the key requirements of the project into the AEP IoT gateway and who can also assist with the development of an application that can take integrate with it and take advantage of local compute capability on mobile devices such as smartphones and biometric sensors.

Key requirements of the project:
  • Customisation and integration of AEP UI with mobile device applications and analysis of (historical) zonal dwelling & path tracking
  • Intelligence and Decision making location based tracking with alerting and escalation logic based on end user detection
  • Messaging and Alerting platform integration with environmental sensors and Audio/Visual communication platforms
  • Monitoring - infrastructure, servers, edge gateways (entire ecosystem)
  • Connectivity - mobile application development, P2P proximity, integration with other sensors including biometric, short and long range wireless sensors

Polestar Offer

Initial training on placement with AEP provider in Dublin

Then based at our office in Nottingham (Lace Market or University of Nottingham Innovation Park)

The successful candidate will benefit from:
  • Gaining experience working in a cutting-edge technical growth area (IOT).
  • Developing software for real-world, commercial applications.
  • Experience working with an established, innovative business.
  • Engaging with key vendors in IT industry and end users in large international organisations.

Person Specification

This opportunity is for a 3-4 month internship starting no later than June 2017 with the possibility of a full-time position at the end of that period.

Key skills required (in order of importance):
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Node.js
  • Android SDK
  • Rest API
  • JSON

Application Process

CV and covering letter through PPN portal 1st interview at our Nottingham offices 2nd technical interview (remote)
Filming and Editing Video Content The Graduate School at the University of Nottingham supports postgraduates and early career research staff by offering a programme of services including training and development opportunities. Our training programme often includes video content, in particular short 'talking head' clips or longer workshop footage that needs editing down into short sections.

We have more filming to do and editing of existing content and we are looking for placement student who can take on some of this work. You will need to be enthusiastic and confident with technology, and either have some experience with a video camera and editing software or a desire to learn. You will need to be a confident communicator and have strong organisational skills. You should also have good attention to detail.

You should be happy to take on any other duties as required. This might include helping out with an event or checking materials and testing functionality in Moodle.

Please note this is more of a functional rather than creative project and that you will need to be prepared to carry a camera and tripod.

Skills required:
  • Good English Language skills
  • High level of computer literacy
  • Familiarity with video cameras and filming (desirable)
  • Familiarity with video editing software (desirable)
  • Good people skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work alone and independently when necessary
  • Strong attendance to detail
Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement: The successful candidate will produce a number of film clips and make them available over the web. They will gain experience in confidently filming a range of people from students to academic staff. They will further their video editing skills in particular in terms of following branding guidelines and best practice in the development of training materials. They will increase their understanding of best practice in the storage and organisation of video material in a large but disparate organisation, and will learn about copyright and data protection.

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Best practice in filming short 'talking head' type interviews
  • Filming workshops
  • Using the University of Nottingham's mediahub to film talking heads
  • Uploading and editing video in mediaspace
  • Editing video, adding titles and logos, following branding guidelines
  • Copyright and data protection issues
  • Storage and organisation of raw film and edited clips
  • Uploading video clips to a central source and surfacing using different technologies
Successful candidates will also have the opportunity to develop the following key skills:
  • Lecture capture (possible)
  • Screen capture using Camtasia (possible)
Research and Data Analytics Project We have recently secured a number of consultancy projects in the rapidly evolving field of open science. We are therefore seeking a committed and enthusiastic individual to work on a national project to monitor the United Kingdoms progress in making research findings accessible to the public.

This will involve completing background research, sourcing data, and completing a rigorous analysis process to understand the financial implications of new business models for research communication.

This project would be best-suited to students with a solid knowledge of quantitative research techniques and some understanding of statistics and/or finance. Knowledge of the field of academic publishing would be beneficial, but is not essential.

What is most important to us is that applicants are flexible, personable, self-motivated, and willing to learn.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The successful candidate will work on a range of projects, developing skills in research, analysis and project management. There will also be scope to work on other projects and to develop an understanding of working life within a small, rapidly-growing consultancy business.

Research Consulting has previously taken on a number of PG placement students, two of whom have now progressed to permanent roles within the company. We are fully committed to helping support and develop students during their time with us.

Skills required:
  • Attention to detail and strong analytical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good IT skills including Excel and social media
  • Ability to work autonomously and deliver to agreed deadlines
  • (desirable) SPSS statistical analysis software

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Application of quantitative research methods within a business consultancy environment
  • Working in a rapidly growing start-up environment
  • Managing projects to tight deadlines
  • Financial analysis and reporting

Most of the work will be Nottingham-based with a high degree of flexibility in working hours, but there may be scope for some travel within the UK in support of the companys projects. All expenses will be covered by Research Consulting.
Nitrite and Nitric Oxide Health Benefits Research Project Project Brief The SoeMac ( has been shown to be very beneficial to the health of respiratory sufferers, in particular those with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). We have shown that the SoeMac delivers extra oxygen to the bodys cells, an extra energy, and the gaseous molecule nitrite, which is a relaxant, but also breaks down into another beneficial molecule NO, which is itself a relaxant, a vaso-dilator, and a signalling and balancing molecule.

The project brief is;
  • to research the various health benefits of both nitrite and NO, with supporting literature, studies, and trial information
  • investigate why the nitrite and NO from the SoeMac seem to be more bio-usable, than from other sources
  • write a concluding paper covering this project

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The key outcome will be a progression of our knowledge and understanding of nitrite, NO, and how the SoeMac interacts with users

Skills required:
  • Enough know-how in the biology, chemistry, or bio-chemistry field to understand the subject matter
  • Ability to conduct detailed literature research, and structure reports in an organised format
  • Self-starter, as there will be limited supervision

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Literature Research
  • Report writing
  • Real-world interaction with an SME on the journey of becoming a bigger company
  • Using their own judgement and intuition