Placement Title Company Business Location
Electrical Engineering Product Development Project

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious and driven postgraduate to prototype Equinovs first technological product, along with technicians and professors from various departments of the university (QMC, Chemistry, Engineering and Vet School).

This postgraduate student placement role will include:

  • Lab and field testing: From protocol research to data collection
  • Product design: Multiple design will be considered and market research will help in this
  • Prototyping: From a basic prototype to more sophisticated ones

The role will consist in finding out what is the best combination of technology required, in a lab, to create a prototype which will then be tested and adjusted in real life environment.

The placement will immerse the successful candidate in product development within the start-up environment. This will take place by working closely with the founder and will require organisation and critical thinking.

A knowledge and experience with horses is desirable but not mandatory.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The placement will consist in working around ultrasound as an insect repellent, while combining this technology to other elements.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to see the project from scratch to a finalized prototype ready to be on the market
  • Protocol creation
  • Taking part in tests
  • Data collection
  • Prototypes development with various features (from the design to creating working devices)

Skills required:
  • Strong technical knowledge in ultrasound
  • Practical mind-set and knowledge in product design as the job requires the research to end up in the development of a prototype
  • The ability and willingness to seek out new information, come up with new ideas and find alternatives
  • Display integrity, reliability and trustworthiness

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Experimenting
  • Product design
  • Prototyping

Successful candidates will also have the opportunity to develop the following key skills:
  • Working in a start-up environment
  • Practical experience
  • Problem solving/initiative
  • Team work
  • Creativity
  • Being part of a product development journey

*Hourly rate is 9.24 pounds plus 1.12 pounds holiday pay
A Market Evaluation for easy to use natural and sustainable wound care products.

We have developed a concept to use this natural food co-product, eggshell membrane, in conjunction with the knitting process to produce a natural and sustainable wound care product.

We have a very high-level understanding of the size and needs of the wound care market and need to look at it in greater detail and depth. We require a postgraduate to undertake a 3 month market research project to provide this information, through discussions with a wide variety of stakeholders including:
  • clinical (nurses, clinicians, KOLs),
  • technologists / manufacturers (spinning and knitting companies), and
  • marketing/sales organisations.

The ideal candidate will be a science based postgraduate, familiar with biology and chemistry, a desire to apply this knowledge in a commercial setting and has an outward personality.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

Areas of Work

The project will involve extensive desk based data collection, through internet searches. It will also involve following up information collected from the internet with phone / skype conversations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), technology suppliers (Nottingham Trent University-NTU), Clinicians nurses and doctors, spinners and knitters, process engineers, medical distribution companies (such as Johnson & Johnson or Smith and Nephew). Activity will be covered by the following points:
  • Gain an understanding of the egg processing industry and its waste stream (waste in the food industry),
  • Build a knowledge of what materials are available,
  • Build upon our understanding of the opportunities to exploit the biological materials profitably,
  • Engage the markets that present these opportunities, identifying key drivers and players in the medical device / wound care markets (competitor analysis),
  • Hold discussions with KOLs in these markets to validate, volume, pricing and profitability, and what they are looking for,
  • Identify how the market will be addressed, real channels to market (real opportunity),
  • Engage with NTU to discuss technology and process,
  • Engage with textile experts to discuss feasibility of the approach,
  • Identifying processes, identifying costs and timeline to implement a technical road map,
  • Understand the company IPR position and be aware of existing / competing technologies,
  • Gain a high-level understanding of the regulatory requirements of the medical device / wound care market being considered,
  • Collate information and data to produce a high quality business plan.

Outputs and Experience gained by student

The primary goal of this project is to validate and build upon information and assumptions made by us to date, regarding taking the co-product of CaCO3 production, the membrane, and using it in wound care products. Providing a solid basis from which to bid for further funding.

This should include; a thorough market analysis, competitive analysis, market drivers and pricing, routes to market, an understanding of the supply chain, raw material suppliers, intermediaries and end users, regulatory and intellectual property landscape and basic financials, including gross profit, net profit, cash flow and funding requirements.

Experience gained by student
  • Awareness of waste issues in industry – sustainability and corporate social governance (CSG),
  • Understanding of the availability of materials from alternative sources,
  • Develop the skills to interrogate the internet for commercial purposes,
  • Commercial analytical skills to identify markets, drivers and KOLs,
  • Confidence building to undertake phone / skype and face-to-face conversations with commercial people,
  • Insight into technology transfer from laboratory to commercial scale (technologists to engineers)
  • Exposure to discussions with regulatory and IPR professionals, providing an understanding of some of the hurdles of getting to market,
  • Collation of the salient points from the data to build a full and convincing business plan for a small company,
  • This is a unique position for a graduate to have multi-functional experience within a small and growing business. A range of experience that would be difficult to gain in a larger organisation.

Skills required:
  • Scientific competency
  • Good communication skills verbal and written
  • Outgoing personality
  • Ability to collect data, organise it in a suitable form, analyse and produce professional reports (Excel spreadsheet, Word document or PowerPoint presentation)

*Hourly rate is 9.24 pounds plus 1.12 pounds holiday pay
FuPro Course Researcher 'A Student's Guide to the Future' is an online course accredited through the Nottingham Advantage Award all about "the future": what could happen, what should happen, and how we feel about all of it.

The course was created and is maintained by a group of students and recent graduates, and brings together a wealth of resources from a wealth of perspectives - videos, audio, readings - grouped into three themes: 'futures of work', 'futures of democracy' and 'futures of the university'. The 2020 edition includes space and time for dialogue, reflection and creation, through which participants discuss what's probable, debate what's preferable, and question what's possible.

In line with our 'by students, for students' philosophy, we are seekign to recruit a postgraduate student to lead the process of improving how the course runs: researching, planning and overseeing the creation of new content, new facilitation strategies, and an international network of partners.

Roles include:

- Carrying out research in liaison with our international advisory board to refine the course's syllabus, delivery and evaluation.
- Commissioning course technicians to create engaging video content to reflect updates in the syllabus.
- Steering a volunteer facilitation team to implement a revised facilitation strategy
- Mapping and establishing contact with potential international delivery partners

Key relationships:

Required to report back on research with brief reports to course directors
Required to take responsibility for maintaining a supervisory relationship with volunteer facilitators
Required to engage in periodic structured dialogue with out expert advisory board

Skills required:

Interest and specialist knowledge in at least 1 of the following:
  • Digital citizenship
  • Contemporary democracies
  • Critical thinking
  • Alternative pedagogies
  • Instructional design
  • The ethics of emerging technologies
  • Student activism
  • Debate facilitation
  • Futures studies / futures literacy
  • Higher Education
  • Participatory development
  • Conflict resolution/transformation
Excellent research and communication skills.
Ability to animate and lead a small team of volunteers.
Additional skills in web development or European languages are also welcome, but not compulsory.

Key Outcomes of Placement:

-Several reports to directors advising specific changes in facilitation methods to be implemented in the 2020 edition of the course
-The successful direction of the volunteer facilitator team in hosting and moderating weekly forum debates, reflecting changes proposed in research reports
-The commissioning of new educational video content which will be used in future editions of the course
-The consolidation of our relationships with expert advisors and potential delivery partners overseas