Placement Title Company Business Location
Robotic Arm Test Project The aim of the project is to test the performance of a six-axis robotic arm system. The system is structured with six stepper motors, one four-axis motion controller (including a four-axis motion control card with four inverters), and two single-axis motion controllers. The motion controllers are commercial products that are straightforward to use.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The objectives include not restricted to the following points:
  • Set-up the rig, make the connections
  • Evaluate the performance of the system regarding the current noise level, speed ripple level, position following error, and vibration
  • Evaluate the positive and negative influences of different control algorithms (scalar/field oriented control, open/closed loop) on the performance
  • Propose potential improvements/research area based on the test
  • Analyse the mechanical parameters (moment of inertia, friction, etc.) variation during the movement

Skills required:

One or more from the following will be desired:
  • Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Electronics Engineering degrees
  • Basic knowledge of control theory(for example, PI controller design, current loop, speed loop, position loop, field oriented control)
  • Basic knowledge on mechanical system modelling
  • Basic knowledge of power electronics (H-bridge), and modulation techniques (PWM modulation)
  • Experiences in robotic arms (control or modelling)
  • Experiences in motion planning

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Robotic arm system set-ups
  • The application of modern control theory for stepper motor drive
  • Robotic arm motion planning
  • Power electronics (inverters) and modulation techniques
  • Using commercial motion control cards, control chips and integrated power electronic circuits

*Hourly rate is 9.24 pounds plus 1.12 pounds holiday pay
Global Slavery Index Research Associate The Rights Lab is one of the six research Beacons of Excellence at the University of Nottingham. They are collaborating with a global community of policy-makers, civil society actors and businesses with a vision of ending slavery in our lifetime. They are currently looking for postgraduate students to join their team of researchers who are working to deliver the Global Slavery Indexs government response assessment: a global ranking system for how well governments are tackling modern slavery. Placement students will be contributing to this ahead of its release. The work involves desk-based research to assess antislavery efforts against a large number of measures and data points. You will be given training on methods and you therefore do not need to have existing expertise in this area. Please note there are multiple positions available.

Skills Required:
  • Desk-based research skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to handle large set of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Able to work independently with confidence
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Good planning and project management skills
  • Good team-working skills
This placement will give you experience with the following:
  • Research and analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Understanding of modern slavery
  • Collaborative working

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • You will have worked to produce the Global Slavery Indexs government response assessment: a global ranking system for how well governments are doing to tackle modern slavery.
*Hourly rate is 14.34 pounds plus 1.73 pounds holiday pay
Feasibility study for botanical illustration online course This locally based botanical artist and small business owner is interested in adapting and expanding her current botanical illustration courses and books into an online training course or courses. This is a market research opportunity, as this project will include researching available online platforms for the most suitable option for both ease of use and affordability. You will be expected to provide a report on costings, formats and an action plan on how to take the leap into online learning. The candidate will need to work closely with the Artist in order to understand her needs and desired outputs and then develop a plan of action for determining the best format and steps needed to make this project web-ready. You will need to have good attention to detail and have strong organisational skills and ideally some experience in online learning or web development.

Skills Required:
  • Excellent IT skills and experience and familiarity with website development
  • Good communication skills and ability to articulate the development of your ideas and progress
  • An interest in natural history, botany, horticulture or illustration is preferable but not essential
  • Some knowledge of developing training materials
This placement will give you experience with the following:
  • Working with a small local business
  • Research into on-line training
  • Project management
  • Translation of existing materials into an online format
  • Developing and implementing ideas to promote the business online

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • The successful candidate will gain practical experience in market research and the development of an on-line training course. You will also help a small business grow while they take on the challenge of offering their training to a wider audience.
*Hourly rate is 9.24 pounds plus 1.12 pounds holiday pay
Voluntary Sector Regional Research Project We are a well-established voluntary sector organisation which provides infrastructure support for the voluntary and community sector in Nottingham. We represent the voluntary sector at a strategic level and provides support for organisation development. The voluntary and community sector has experienced significant funding cuts over the past few years while the need for voluntary services continues to rise.

Nottingham as a city relies heavily on the voluntary and community sector and this is going to increase. We, and key stakeholders, would benefit from research being undertaken to establish what the state of the sector currently is and how we can accurately measure this in 2019 and beyond.

We are looking for a postgraduate to employ their research and planning skills to prepare a detailed project plan informed by primary and secondary research of how as a city this can be achieved. The postgraduate will need to review the existing data sets, explore research and evaluation models and develop a keen understanding of the voluntary and community sector. We are looking for someone who is proactive, has good attention to detail and is willing to put forward new ideas.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The main focus of this project is the preparatory research required for a very significant and detailed state of the sector report with robust academically-based social value measures.

The parameters of the report are to be decided in conjunction with the management team at NCVS but is likely to include;
  • Methods of establishing a baseline of the sector and where Nottingham is in relation to the baseline
  • A detailed plan to conduct significant primary research with community groups
  • Analysis and disseminating findings
  • Providing recommendations for further activity

The aims/objectives and outcomes of the report are;

A report and project plan for a full state of the sector report to be enacted.
  • A detailed project plan of how to conduct an academically robust state of the sector report for Nottingham voluntary and community sector
  • To enable wider understanding of the diversity of the sector
  • To communicate the challenges of the sector
  • To communicate the successes of the sector
  • Explore models for social value measures

Skills required:
  • Verbal and written communication skills (essential)
  • good IT skills (essential)
  • ability to carry out secondary research (essential)
  • project planning (desirable)
  • flexibility (essential)
  • ability to carry out primary research (desirable)
  • understanding of the voluntary and community sector (desirable)
  • experience of volunteering (desirable)
  • experience of living in Nottingham (desirable)
  • experience of data analysis (essential)

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • understanding and knowledge of the voluntary and community sector in Nottingham
  • understanding of voluntary sector infrastructure
  • excellent networking contacts
  • input into a strategic city project
  • communication with diverse organisations and individuals
  • team working
  • demonstrating initiative and flexibility
  • project management, resource investigation
  • Civil Society Strategy application
  • report writing

*Hourly rate is 9.24 pounds plus 1.12 pounds holiday pay