Project Title: Marketing, Writing and Design Project
Project Description:This is a hands on marketing, design and writing project with two aims;
  • to create training programs and collateral for clients, and to create and market our publications online.
  • to create books, resources, blogs and articles some of which will be distributed across social media channels.

The business has lots of content and materials that need rewriting and editing to create new resources. This requires strong researching, writing and editing skills.

The business is agile and uses the latest marketing techniques, including Facebook ads, LinkedIn blogs and sales funnels. The office also utilises a number of growth hacks, software and apps to facilitate delivery of programs and products.

This project will require skills in marketing, writing, editing, technology, online marketing, creativity, and website management. Attention to detail, plus good organisation and systematic thinking to keep track of all scenarios will also be required.

Applicants should have a happy, personable attitude, be tech savvy and a good work ethic.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

This project will include editing, typing, creative writing, using design software, website maintenance, technology, social media, marketing, researching online, plus good organisation and discipline to keep track of all projects and campaigns.

This project will also include editing, typing, creative writing, social media, researching online, plus good organisation and discipline to keep track of all projects.

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas;
  • Creating, synthesising and posting online content
  • Researching into latest social media marketing techniques
  • Designing documents and editing videos using various software platforms
  • Building a following and a community
  • Creating sellable information products and programs

Successful candidates will also have the opportunity to develop the following key skills;
  • Professional speaking and coaching
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • High level networking and connecting
  • Personal branding and thought leadership
  • Working with video, images, graphics and 'sticky' online content
  • Facebook ads, twitter marketing and LinkedIn strategies for business growth
Vacancy Closing Date:02 July 2017
Project Start Date:03 July 2017
Project End Date:29 September 2017
Nature of Business:The business owner helps clients globally to network and build high level relationships. Clients include HSBC Bank, GE, British Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Chief Executives. He runs the Global Networking Council, a thought leadership group of the world's top 200 networking experts. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.
Salary:£10.14 per hour
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