Project Title: Innovation and Funding Specialist
Project Description:Your role will be to support the managing director to assist businesses and researchers to access the grant funding they need to take cutting-edge concepts closer to market. You will be part of one of the most successful grant funding teams in Europe, working with at least 3 different busineses to secure grants of up to 2 million (GBP).

The key project outcomes are:

  • Contributing to the development of at least 3 high-quality funding bids for cutting edge new technologies with support from the managing director.
  • Over the course of working on 3 projects it would be expected to help source 1.5million (GBP) funding from a wide range of sources.
  • Gain an appreciation of the funding / project cycle and be able to replicate this learning for future projects (while on placement and to develop your own career).
  • The client is looking for enthusiastic, articulate and capable individuals with strong skills in at least two of the three following areas:

    1) A passion for innovation. You should be able to quickly understand different technology areas - the current portfolio covers topics as diverse as advanced braking technology, materials recycling, range extenders for electric vehicles, civil security technology, medical implants and renewable transport fuels, to mention just a few. Experience of different technologies and market sectors would be a distinct advantage.

    2) An understanding of business and industry. As well as a strong technology focus, it is important to also understand, analyse and communicate the client's business model. Aspects of business such as supply chains, market analysis, business plans, IP management and competitor analysis may also be included.

    3) Excellent communication and writing skills. Your main role will be to assist with the authoring of high quality grant funding bids that will be entering highly competitive funding calls. You will need to be articulate, concise and compelling; creating content that can hook a reader from the first page to the last. You should also have excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills in order to present the information in a clear and professional manner. Some communication with clients may be required, along with understanding their needs and ensuring they receive an excellent customer experience.

    This exciting placement offers the opportunity to gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:

  • Innovation and grant bid writing
  • Technology assessment techniques
  • The creation of compelling bids
  • Desktop research for markets and technology assessment
  • Project management strategies for research and development projects
  • Engaging with senior level managers in industry
  • In addition the successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop skills in the following areas:
    Report formatting
    Technical writing
    Understanding the relationship between research and economic/social/environmental impact
    How to develop a techno-economic assessment case and impact plan
    Technology innovation assessment skills
    Patent searching

    Placements are very flexible and usually consist of a 200 hour project worked to fit around your studies over the course of several months.
    Vacancy Closing Date:21 September 2017
    Project Start Date:02 October 2017
    Project End Date:28 February 2018
    Nature of Business:The client helps Europe's most dynamic and ambitious businesses to grow through innovation.
    Salary:£10.14 up to 200 hrs
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