Project Title: Educational Resources Creative
Project Description:We have seen a marked increase in our school visitors, especially those who wish to lead their own visits. This has caused some clashes between the school's needs and other visitors while also putting increased strain on certain parts of the House and Gardens.

This placement will address this problem by producing a suite of resources for teachers (including video, trails and guides etc) that will be available from our website and on site. We have lots of information for schools already that have been created over the last 10 years which is a bit of a mish-mash of styles/voices and needs updating into a more useable and cohesive offer. We would like to be more pro-active in creating and providing resources available for teachers, whether that is orientation/welcome videos, trails or simple guides for adult helpers. This is a project that needs design and media skills as well as an understanding of an holistic approach to pre, during and post visit preparation for group leaders that includes some customer consultation and an awareness of marketing to an educational audience. Whatever is produced will need to represent a cohesive, branded offer (in line with National Trust brand guidelines) that reflects our spirit of place as well as meeting the needs of the learning audience.

The successful candidate will have:
  • Computer literacy - National Trust uses MS Office and Adobe (In Design and Premiere Elements 11 - training can be provided)
  • Design and editing skills - video and print
  • Good communication skills - verbal and written
  • Customer focused
  • Understanding of the holistic customer service from promotion to post-visit
  • Understanding of an educational audience
  • Some knowledge of school curricula would be an advantage.

  • The successful candidate will be supported by Melissa Maynard (Learning & Community Officer) who has experience in heritage education and Anastasia Stratigou (Marketing & Events Officer) who has experience in media and National Trust brand guidelines for both print and video media. The placement will so seek to share learning with other similar organisations to widen the impact of the placement.

    More information about the organisation:
    This is one of the most visited properties in the National Trust. Whilst a small percentage of its visitors are from schools, colleges and youth groups. This audience has quadrupled in the last couple of years. With a Restoration house, deer park and historic gardens there is a never ending supply of inspiration that can be used to support learning. Part of the learning vision for us is to become 'the house next door' for our local schools, colleges and youth groups. Providing a warm welcome and a range of opportunities we would like to be used for regular learning for all ages.

    Further placement information:
    - Placements are flexible and the project hours can be worked to fit around your studies over the course of the placement period.
    - Some remote working will be possible, so the successful candidate won't have to travel to the placement regularly after the project is established. Travel costs will be reimbursed.
    - This placement is being supported by Sandford Cascade therefore the successful candidate will be able to access the Cascade CPD programme. More details will be shared with the successful applicant.
    - Interviews will be held on 11 October 2017
    Vacancy Closing Date:28 September 2017
    Project Start Date:16 October 2017
    Project End Date:30 March 2018
    Nature of Business:This is one of the most visited properties in the National Trust.
    Salary:£10.14 up to 200 hrs
    Company Name:you must be registered to view company details and to apply for placements.
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