Project Title: User Experience Analysis Project
Project Description:The client have developed an IoT based monitoring technology that serves the data centre industry and helps users maintain correct equipment temperatures and save energy. The existing technology is in active deployment and achieving strong sales in the UK where the technology is supported by our own in house experts.

Our challenge is to scale the offering internationally without growing an international team of experts. The solution is to focus on the user engagement process and provide the training, tools and encouragement for new users to be able to self-train.

The specific activities that need to be addressed are:
  • Gap analysis of user engagement process
  • Identify case study examples of on-line training(
  • Story board a vision of the engagement process for a new user
  • Document the training curriculum required to deliver the key learnings needed at various user levels (beginner, intermediate, expert)
  • Investigate motivation tactics for the end user (gamification, certification, qualifications, unlock features)
  • Liaise with hardware development team to ensure training also accommodates physical sensor deployment
  • Liaise with software team to ensure training is supportable with existing platform

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • Make recommendations to improve the current user experience
  • Suggest and develop a tutorial type environment to improve uptake & retention.

Skills required:
  • Computer sciences (strong human computer interface skills) or product design.
Vacancy Closing Date:01 October 2017
Project Start Date:09 October 2017
Project End Date:29 December 2017
Nature of Business:Nottingham Based software company specialising in remote sensing applications that save energy for customers.
Salary:£10.14phr for 200hrs
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