Project Title: Java for building traceable quality assurance from real time data project
Project Description:The client offers a wide range of opportunities and projects to our staff and offer a great place to start learning about new technologies, business practices, project management and team work while studying.

We currently have projects for android developers with knowledge of node.js to work with other developers in creating a large business application for building traceable quality assurance from real time data.

Candidates need to be flexible, self-motivated and keen to learn new skills in order to meet the constantly changing needs of the business.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • Team work and efficient communications
  • Programming
  • Agile project management

Outcome of the project:
  • User and server side software and documentation

Skills required:
  • Java programming and Android SDK
  • Node.js and jquery
  • MySql and SQLite
  • Testing

This project is for live client data and our customers, deadlines, expectations and pressures are as real as it could get and there are no compromises on serious commitment and quality of work. While our environment is challenging, it also offers valuable opportunities to learn and offers a friendly and dynamic environment where students from different disciplines could work towards a complete business solution.
Vacancy Closing Date:01 October 2017
Project Start Date:02 October 2017
Project End Date:29 December 2017
Nature of Business:The client works with large international businesses, public organisations, university departments and charities and develop high quality mobile apps, web applications, games and VR applications.
Salary:£10.14p/hr for 200hrs
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