Project Title: Software prototyping of global PetaByte Carbon Footprint supply chain database
Project Description:After a decade of observation of puzzling sector claims and advertising around green manufacturing, we are now developing an ERP system to analyse, record and distribute the whole life-cycle Carbon Footprints of components and processes throughout entire manufacturing supply chains. This will create a universal, scientifically-justifiable manufacturing supply chain CO2e audit catalogue.

This will be a sophisticated and complex software application that requires a high level of coding/modelling expertise, and imagination and creativity at postgraduate level.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:

The project is its early definition stage and needs concretisation of the following aspects:

1. Scoping of contributing elements
  • Distinction between handling of assets and consumables
  • Specification of components (products) & processes (staff-time, building-usage, travel, energy-consumption, etc)
  • Database structuring
2. Object oriented software model development
  • Choice of coding language for definition of audit element objects
3. Coding of demonstration GUI (e.g. JAVA, HTML5 or other)
  • Prototype code for financing presentations
  • Creation of a minimum of 2 fictitious manufacturers
  • Summary documentation for further development and sales pitches

Skills required:
  • Expertise is required in interdisciplinary areas, including: Object oriented coding (JAVA, HTML5) and expert systems AI
  • Large-scale (PB) databases
  • It would be desirable if the candidate has knowledge or awareness of Business operations and management; ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Participation in early stage new commercial software product design
  • Contribution to current topic of high UK strategic importance
  • Application of coding skills to expert systems development

*Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
Vacancy Closing Date:28 February 2018
Project Start Date:01 May 2018
Project End Date:27 July 2018
Nature of Business:We provide business support in acquisition of R&D funding from European (Horizon 2020) and National (Innovate UK) programmes. Led by an ex-academic Physicist we are experienced in instrumentation development, experimental science and computation, and numerical simulation.
Salary:£10.30ph* for 200hrs
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