Project Title: Market Research (Digital Business English Teaching)
Project Description:Business English teaching focuses on the development of English language skills and vocabulary specific to business settings such as negotiations, business meetings, and project management. We want to develop our presence in the language teaching sector with Business English products/services.

This project will bring to life our strategic vision by creating:
  • a product/service development plan (especially for digital Business English packages)
  • identification of potential platforms and organisational partners
  • an overall strategic marketing plan, including the associated (desk) research and a Marketing Roadmap.

  • The formulation of this plan requires desk research and two focus groups to explore customer preferences in relation to Business English learning. The main tasks include the formulation of the strategic marketing plan and relevant background research (desk research and two focus groups).

    We are looking for an enthusiastic student to demonstrate good marketing and strategic thinking / planning skills, an aptitude for desk research and good communication and analytical skills. A proven track record of good academic performance and/or relevant practical experience are desirable.

    Other important information about this placement:
    - Placements are flexible and usually consist of a 200 hour project worked to fit around your studies over the course of several months.
    - The placement will be based at Jubilee Campus but home working will also be possible at your own desk.
    - The interview date will be Friday 9 March 2018.
    - Currently there is no website for this new businesses. The placement will inform the development of a future website as part of the marketing plan.

    *Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
    Vacancy Closing Date:28 February 2018
    Project Start Date:19 March 2018
    Project End Date:31 August 2018
    Nature of Business:Our consultancy company traditionally focus' on the implementation of new IT systems, typically with large clients in the retail and biochemical industries. We are now looking to expand our services with providing Business English tutorials to individual clients through platforms as well as business clients.
    Salary:£10.30ph* for 200hrs
    Company Name:you must be registered to view company details and to apply for placements.
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