Project Title: Social media network development for the NHS
Project Description:We have developed a sophisticated social media platform which we think might have traction in the healthcare market to improve grass-roots driven ideas and linking these in with organisations' corporate goals.

We are looking for a motivated person to identify the size of any potential marketplace, highlight the needs of clients - large NHS organisations such as Acute Hospital Trusts - by having 1-1 meetings, and using other tools and come up with a product design and marketing brief to enable us to take the product to market.

Additionally, we will need to amend the appearance and coding of our social media platform to create a demonstration version we can show potential clients. It may be that candidates may possess skills in php coding and - working alongside ourselves - can create the demonstrator. However, the placement will principally have a product development and marketing emphasis and such coding skills are not essential.

The core outcomes of this projects are:
1) A thorough investigation of the viability of our product offering through completing market research into needs of potential customers and refine product offering based on this research. This will create a new social media platform for healthcare.
2) Recommendations to propose the marketing route.
3) Recode the social media network (with our assistance) to produce a working model for demonstration to potential customers.

We want to be as flexible as possible to find the right postgraduates for this project therefore it could be that the marketing skills and programming skills needed mean that this is a project for 2 people (2 x 100 hour placement).

The essential skills we are looking for are:
  • Project management
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Report writing
  • Coding skills (desirable)

  • The successful candidate will gain experience in taking an initial idea, finding out if that idea has potential, interacting with senior healthcare staff and then developing the product and creating a marketing plan. The placement will be working closely with the company directors.

    Other important information about this placement:
    - Placements are flexible and consist of a project worked to fit around your studies over the course of several months.
    - Some of the placement work can be completely remotely, at your desk, by negotiation.

    *Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
    Vacancy Closing Date:28 February 2018
    Project Start Date:19 March 2018
    Project End Date:31 July 2018
    Nature of Business:Volute is a website and digital media agency working in the fields of Healthcare, Construction and Higher Education.
    Salary:£10.30ph* for 200hrs
    Company Name:you must be registered to view company details and to apply for placements.
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