Project Title: Book Marketing & Writing Project for Bestselling Author
Project Description:We are seeking a postgraduate to aide in the marketing of two new books by a Nottingham based bestselling author.

This project needs an articulate, social media and marketing savvy postgrad with good writing skills to help with promotion, creating complimentary materials, researching thought leaders and writing blogs. A marketing campaign will be needed that involves sourcing and approaching prospects and companies who would benefit.

The candidate will gain experience in marketing for two different publishing companies, one a worldwide leader in business publishing and the second a smaller independent publishing company.

The candidate will be working for a bestselling author and professional speaker based in Nottingham. The company help clients to network and build high level relationships. Clients include large law and accounting firms, HSBC Bank, GE, British Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Chief Executives.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • Automated social media campaign
  • Outreach to 50 potential partners to generate 1000 book sales
  • Production of 26 bonuses and incentives to buy the book
  • A functioning web page to showcase the book and give extra resources to buyers
Skills Required:
  • Social media skills to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook top create book selling opportunities
  • Research skills to find people and companies online for interviews and comments; to source guest blogging/podcast opportunities and media outlets to write guest articles
  • Marketing skills to approach event organisers and professional associations to generate speaking and promotion opportunities
  • Writing & editing skills to create blogs, checklists, extra resources and social media content to support the book
Successful Candidates will have the opportunity to develop the following skills:
  • Writing skills to craft quotes, excerpts and social media updates with a business/commercial voice (training will be given)
  • Technology skills to learn new apps, technologies and programs (training will be given)
  • Online marketing skills to set up a website buying page, shopping cart and buying funnel to sell the book (training will be given)
  • Self-management skills to develop productivity habits and discipline to keep track of all projects and campaigns (training will be given)
  • Design skills to create appealing images and quotes to promote the book on social media channels (training will be given)
  • Phone skills to handle phone conversations to uncover sales and speaking opportunities, particularly with speaking agencies, universities, business schools and membership associations (training will be given)

*Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
Vacancy Closing Date:18 March 2018
Project Start Date:26 March 2018
Project End Date:01 June 2018
Nature of Business:We help clients globally to network and build high level relationships. Clients include HSBC Bank, GE, British Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Chief Executives. He runs the Global Networking Council, a thought leadership group of the world's top 200 networking experts. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.
Salary:£10.30ph* for 200hrs
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