Project Title: Waste Transfer Station: A Feasibility Project
Project Description:We are seeking a postgraduate to undertake a feasibility project for a locally based company in the battery business.

We currently collect and send for recycling over 25 tonnes of waste batteries per month. In order to maximise efficiency and profits these batteries need to be sorted into various categories. For this certain licenses need to be purchased and procedures put into operation.

This project is to undertake a feasibility project to investigate the pros and cons of undertaking such an endeavor and look at the Return on investment over a 12 month period.

This project would ideally suit candidates with an interest in recycling, energy storage and environmental subjects.

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • Feasibility study on the recycling of batteries
  • Systems and procedures report/manual
  • Presentation and feedback to board of directors
  • If the project is a success then the company will implement the procedures and systems recommended by the placement. This will create jobs and have a positive effect on the planet.

Skills Required:
  • Methodical and task orientated
  • Detail orientated person
  • Well-developed analytical skills
  • Advanced presentation and written skills
  • Should not be afraid to contact environmental agency for advice and negotiation.

Successful Candidates will have the opportunity to develop the following skills:
  • Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Environmental ruling and application
  • Systems and procedures
  • 2 Second Lean (Paul Akers)
  • Presentation Skills

*Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
Vacancy Closing Date:18 March 2018
Project Start Date:26 March 2018
Project End Date:29 June 2018
Nature of Business:We are a locally based family-run business, established in 1974, with over 40 years experience and expertise in servicing customer requirements within the battery industry.
Salary:£10.30ph* for 200hrs
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