Project Title: Valorisation of yeast and energy efficiency of brewing: An options appraisal.
Project Description:Business requirement:

Currently yeast byproduct from brewing is a waste stream that is not being utilised and is discharged to foul sewer for wastewater treatment. This also represents a cost burden with water companies recovering treatment costs according to the Mogden formula. We wish to investigate the opportunities for yeast valorisation and separately to consider energy efficiency throughout the brewing process. The outcomes of these two aspects are expected to lead to a reduction in CO2 produced and improve the environmental sustainability of the company.

How this will be achieved:
  • Audit (waste produced and energy requirements)
  • Literature review of yeast utilisation to derive an options appraisal and decision making framework
  • Identify opportunities for optimising energy efficiency throughout the brewing process
  • Economic assessment via developing a cost benefit analysis

  • Technical report
  • Potential journal paper

Key Areas of Work & Outcomes of Placement:
  • Desk based literature review of yeast valorisation
  • Energy efficiency opportunities
  • Economic assessment

Skills required:
  • Experience of compiling a literature review
  • High standard of written English
  • Good awareness of statistical methodology
  • Good awareness of process engineering technologies
  • Competent IT skills
  • Can work independently
  • Knowledge of sustainability metrics

Successful candidates will gain practical and demonstrable experience in the following key areas:
  • Waste audit
  • Compiling a literature review
  • Energy efficiency
  • Process engineering technology
  • Sustainability metrics

*Hourly rate is 9.19 pounds plus 1.11 pounds holiday pay
Vacancy Closing Date:28 May 2018
Project Start Date:02 July 2018
Project End Date:28 September 2018
Nature of Business:Our beers were first brewed in early 2005 after the establishment of a 10 barrel brewery in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. Our initial focus was on a range of cask beers that used traditional recipes but provided a modern twist through the use of a wide range of hops, malts and the innovation and passion of the brewing team. After winning a succession of awards ( we have now won over 350 national and international awards) a new, state of the art, brewery and bottling line was opened at Bakewell in September 2009 to meet with demand and increase our range of beers and pubs and shops.
Salary:£10.30phr* for 200hrs
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